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Dead skin cells are removed to prepare the skin’s surface for deep cleansing. Thorough peeling leaves skin clean and fresh with a healthy skin surface.

In this step, a water-soluble fruit acid (alpha-hydroxy acid, AHA for short) is used to optimally remove dead skin cells.
deep cleaning

The strong suction power loosens dirt and deposits from deep within the skin, leaving it clean and optimally prepared for effective absorption of the active ingredient.

The active ingredient used in this step is a fat-soluble salicylic acid (BHA). It penetrates deep to remove dirt and impurities from pores without causing irritation.


Nourishing ingredients are released via a rotating attachment for optimal infiltration into the skin. These active ingredients protect and hydrate the skin, preparing it for various subsequent treatments.

Accelerates the skin renewal process for velvety skin with the perfect glow
Improves skin tone and texture, including those with pigmentation
Opens the pores and releases the natural skin fat
Reduces pore size and softens superficial scars
Helps against the first signs of skin aging such as wrinkles
Allows for better absorption of moisturizers, antioxidants, anti-acne actives and collagen-boosting serums by removing the top layer of dead skin cells.
Function DermaClear:

The DermaClear’s unique rotating attachment and powerful suction allows deep cleansing of impurities from the skin while delivering highly effective active ingredients into the skin.