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The aim of acne treatment is to reduce oil skin, rejuvenate the skin, fight bacteria and control the inflammatory reaction. By combining products that are individually tailored to your skin and the right treatment, the complexion can be significantly improved.

effect :

• Strongly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
• Exfoliates and cleanses problem skin precisely and gently
• Sebostatic, reduces blackheads and pustules
• Accelerates the healing of inflammation.

Treatment process:

1. gentle cleaning

2. Acne peeling including steam

3. Manual cleaning

4. Acid treatment

5. Acne active ingredient concentrate including ultrasound

6. Mask

7. Final maintenance and product advice

Good to know

It is advisable not to wear make-up for up to twelve hours after the treatment in order not to clog the pores again. Also avoid going to the solarium and sauna for the time being.